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Carbon by Indigo

In a nutshell

Carbon by Indigo supports farmers in their transition to more sustainable agricultural methods. These farming methods help transform vast agricultural areas into carbon sinks and help farmers earn more by farming a new crop: carbon. For example, by adding cover crops or reduced tillage, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agricultural land are reduced, and carbon is sequestered. Carbon by Indigo is based in the US with the potential for additional expansion within the EU.

Our commitment with Carbon by Indigo supports farmers that are currently making sustainable practice changes in their fields. Based on their carbon sequestration results, these growers will be compensated for generating registry-issued credits that are certified to meet the highest standards. Carbon by Indigo will begin generating carbon credits for Azolla in 2022.



Soil Carbon Sequestration / Emission Reduction


In addition to reducing CO2 from the atmosphere, the project generates extra benefits for the communities and the environment.

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