The best time to act against climate change was yesterday.

The second best time is now!

Take the first step and permanently remove CO2 from our atmosphere.

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Why carbon removal?

Moving against global warming and towards a climate-neutral society is not easy. To drive this change fast enough, a climate-conscious lifestyle alone is not sufficient and the additional removal of generated greenhouse gases is necessary.

This is why we offer solutions that directly remove CO2 from the atmosphere to compensate for your unavoidable CO2 emissions.

See the explainer video from net-zero pioneer Swiss Re below for an introduction.

(Source: Swiss Re Youtube Channel)

How it works

We strive to make your involvement against climate change as simple,
transparent and informative as possible.

1. Choose product
2. CO2 is removed
3. Check negative emissions

Why remove carbon with us?

We value transparency

The CO2 removed and stored by our project partners is verified by independent third parties. All our projects are Gold Standard, EBC or PlanVivo certified.

Have a look at our partners and methods sections and reach out in case of questions. Check your impact with our Carbon Certificate Balance or the soon to come Carbon Dashboard.

We remove CO2

Our carbon removal projects effectively remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere, whereas conventional offsetting solutions try to avoid emissions elsewhere.

Your contribution to supporting the development of the carbon removal industry is a crucial step towards achieving our climate goals and limiting global warming to below 2°C.

We create social benefits

Your investment goes beyond removing carbon. Our project partners in developing countries ensure that more than 60% of all project income goes directly to the participating local communities. which relieves the member’s economic pressure and is largely invested in other aspects such as water and food security, gender equality projects, education and more.

Our offers for different occasions

Carbon Removal

Carbon Removal

Carbon Removal

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Pick the plan that is right for you

Climate Citizen



3.5 tonns of CO2 annually
= 1/4 average Swiss resident footprint

Azolla standard mix

Climate Activist



7 tonns of CO2 annually
= 1/2 average Swiss resident footprint

Azolla standard mix

Climate Hero



14 tonns of CO2 annually
= average Swiss resident footprint

Azolla standard mix

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1.2 tonnes CO2
= 1 month average
Swiss resident footprint

Azolla standard mix



4.7 tonnes CO2
= 4 months average
Swiss resident footprint

Azolla standard mix



14 tonnes CO2
= 12 months average
Swiss resident footprint

Azolla standard mix

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